J’ai testé le cours de photo à UCLA Extension #4

Le semestre arrive à sa fin et je dois désormais travailler sur mon projet final. J’y ai beaucoup réfléchi et hésité entre plusieurs thématiques. Ce sera : FINDING HOME IN LOS ANGELES.

En voici un extrait (en anglais du coup) :


When I arrived in LA, everything was new and exciting.

So much to explore and so much food to try ! I actually gave away to some American clichés: I have started to wear sweatpants (yes, I confess), eat cheddar sandwiches and too many avocados, and I have even eaten donuts !

But quickly I began to long for some French culture. Because it is my identity, I can not let go of that side of me… I realized pretty soon that I did not have to do it at all.

First of all, Americans LOVE the French language ! I think I have an amazing grade on Uber app because of it ! 🙂 (but to be clear, the accent is awful… Every French person living abroad will tell you that).

And second of all, French is everywhere in LA !

In stores (the expensive food = French!), on the streets (careful if I am talking in French, someone could actually understand me!), at work, in restaurants, in coffee shops, … EVERYWHERE !

Let me show you ...


UCLA Photo I


You can dream about Paris, for sure. No, actually you should ! Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (and it is not my saying).

But I had no idea that LILLE was famous here, in LA ! ahah

When in France it actually has kind of a bad reputation. The city is well-known for its rainy weather and its gray and depressing building facades…

So I was SO SURPRISED that one of the stores on 3rd street, in Santa Monica, was actually selling this bag ! Just hilarious !

NB : I actually lived in Lille and the city is really beautiful… But the weather is indeed not so great.



I just had THE MOST AMAZING TIME in this class, learning how to understand my camera, exploring the city with it and challenging myself during the photo assignments.

I have met GREAT PEOPLE 🙂


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